Operating Status

The Pentagon Tours program adheres to guidance posted by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). All guidance on the current status of the Government is found on the OPM website at https://www.opm.gov

There are various OPM announcement messages that may be used to notify Federal Employees of the Governments status; the announcements are as followed: Open, Delayed Arrival, Early Departure, and Federal Office Closure.

  • When the OPM status is Open, the Pentagon Tours Office remains at normal operations.
  • When the OPM status is Delayed Arrival, the Pentagon Tours Office opens at 0800 and all tours are conducted as scheduled.
  • When the OPM status is Early Departure, the Pentagon Tours Office makes telephone and e-mail contact with those tour groups that are    affected by the early departure immediately upon notification.
  • When the OPM status is Federal Office Closure, the Pentagon Tour Office is closed and all tours are cancelled.
  • If your tour is canceled, please reschedule and book a new tour through the Request a Tour section of the Pentagon Tours website.