Facts & Figures: Numbers

Stairways 131
Escalators 19
Elevators 13
Fire Hose Cabinets 672
Rest Rooms * 284
Fixtures 4,900
Drinking Fountains 691
Electric Clock Outlets 7,000
Clocks Installed 4,200
Light Fixtures 16,250
Lamp Replacements (daily) 250
Windows 7,754
Glass Area (equals 7.1 acres)(sq. ft.) 309,276
Telephone Cable (miles) 100,000
Occupants (military & civilian) (daily) 25,000
Telephone Calls (daily) 200,000
Postal Mail Sent & Received (monthly) 1,200,000
Emails Sent Daily 1,000,000
More Information Most of the statistical data presented here are approximate, even when the numbers are not rounded. Most of this data was compiled in the 1950s. Changes in the building since have resulted in changes in the numbers, making difficult to render precise figures.
* It was constructed with twice the number of bathrooms needed for the number of employees. Segregated Virginia required separate facilities for "white" and "colored" persons.