Facts & Figures: Land Area and Cost

Total Land Area (acres) 583
Government Owned (acres) 296
Purchased or Condemned (acres) 287
Total Land Cost $2,245,000
Area Covered by Pentagon Building (acres) 29 (34 including courtyard)
Area of Center Courtyard (acres) 5
Area of Heating and Refrigeration Plant (acres) 1
Area of Sewage Structures (acres) 1
Access Highways Built (miles) 30
Overpasses and Bridges Built 21
Parking Space (acres) 67
Capacity (vehicles) 8,770
Cost of Building $49,600,000
Total Cost of Project (including outside facilities) $85,000,000
Gross Floor Area (sq. ft.) 6,636,360
Net Space for Offices, Concessions and Storage (sq. ft.) 3,705,793
Cubic Contents (cu. ft.) 77,015,000
Length of Each Outer Wall (ft.) 921
Height of Building (ft.) 77’ 3.5"
Number of Floors, plus Mezzanine and Basement 7 (5 above ground and 2 below)
Total Length of Corridors (miles) 17.5
Total Return on Investment Achieved (years) 7
More Information Most of the statistical data presented here are approximate, even when the numbers are not rounded. Most of this data was compiled in the 1950s. Changes in the building since have resulted in changes in the numbers, making difficult to render precise figures.